Friday, October 8, 2010

"Matterhorn" Burger Challenge

Yesterday had a farewell dinner for one of my GM at Euro Deli Restaurant and noticed the restaurant organise a burger challenge - "Matterhorn" Burger Challenge.

What is "Matterhorn" Burge Challenge? Means if you can finish the burger within 45 min, the burger is free for you. If you fail to do it, you have to pay RM88++ for the burger.

And you might curious how big is this burger? Here is the photo (I hate why my camera phone so lousy):-

Still have no idea how big is it? Take a look at below photo which I placed a chili sauce bottle next to it.

Not sharp. Here is the photo I got it from other source:-

So now you know how big is the burger? Here is the measurements:-

Burger Size        : 9" X 6"
Burger Weight   : abt 2.5 kg
Ingredient           : a 1.5kg of pork patty, 11 slices of cheese, tomatoes, gherkins, bacon and lettuce.
                              All the above tucked in a 1.5" thick bun.
I was told that so far only 1 guy manage to get it done and he was foreigner (Kuai Low). :-0

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