Tuesday, April 24, 2012




7.6 We are not under any circumstances liable to you in the event that the provision of the services and facilities you have booked is compromised in any way by an event or a combination of events that is beyond our control or that of our agents, suppliers or subcontractors or due to circumstances where liability is excluded here below. The events referred to above include (but are not limited to) the following:
• War or the threat of war;
• Riot or civil disturbance;
• Terrorist or threatened terrorist activity;
• Industrial disputes or threatened industrial disputes;
• Actions of national or local governments;
• Natural or nuclear disasters;
• Fire or flood;
• Adverse weather conditions;
• Technical problems to transport;
• Airports and ports being closed or full;
• Cancellation or changes to services of scheduled transport providers;
• Changes brought about as a result of recommendations made by any other government or international organisation or agency




反而从这件事见中,我发觉AirAsia的股票可以投资哦! ^ ^


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