Thursday, July 12, 2012

Support Tony Pua vs Syabas

LATEST UPDATE of RM 1 for Water Rights Campaign--

Total amount collected as of 4.30pm 11 July 2012 (Wed): RM95,297

We are nearly at the halfway mark in just 5 days! Thanks to all Malaysians who have contributed to the cause. 

You can support us to reach our target (RM200,000) by 16 July in any of the following: -

1. If you have donated, please click 'SHARE' and encourage your friends to do the same. 

2. Contribute online via internet banking or credit card at

3. Contribute directly to Maybank account: 5141 7814 5866 via check (payable to DAP Malaysia) or cash deposit or M2U. 

4. Join fund-raising dinner on 17 July 2012




如果您也有意向YB 潘俭伟伸出援手,请连接到以下行动党筹款网页:

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